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November 21, 2011 / Jessica

How Layout of Bank Branches Can Affect Sales

bank layout

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This write-up doesn’t have much to do with digital marketing, but interior design is something I find incredibly interesting – more so when design has measurable effects on consumer behaviours.

The article essentially argues that, just as grocery stores place their milk at the back of the store to make sure customers browse through the whole length of the store, bank branches should position their tellers away from the door and down a particular path to increase exposure to advertisements and sales reps. Seems logical enough, no?

The article also gives a breakdown of the most common layouts current bank branches are using.

November 9, 2011 / Jessica

What is social media good for (for banks)? Implicit is the need to set goals

social media usage by banks


Article: HERE!

This is a great, informative article, compiling everything we already know about the banking industry and its relationship/attitudes toward social media. What I did find surprising though was the lack of goal-setting made by financial firms in executing their social media plans. Why would you set goals for a direct mail campaign but not a social media campaign?

Obviously, the two types of marketing behave differently and direct mail is easier to track, but it seems wasteful to invest time and money into a campaign for which you have no objective.

November 8, 2011 / Jessica

Amex investing $100M into digital marketing..

Amex investing $100M into digital marketing..

..on top of their already-extensive marketing campaign. Exciting stuff. Too bad most retailers (in Canada, at least) don’t accept American Express 😦

November 4, 2011 / Jessica

Compliance a major point of debate for social marketers in financial services


On Tuesday and Wednesday, I participated in the 13th Annual Marketing Wealth Management Services to High Net-Worth Individuals Summit (might need to work on that name). The topic that stimulated the most heated discussions was the tension between compliance and social media. Many of the financial advisors and marketing heads I spoke with fully understood and acknowledged the effectiveness of social mediums. Unfortunately, the legal structure surrounding social media is quite vague at this stage and until significant clarity is provided by regulatory and standardization agencies, financial services will continue to hesitate when implementing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. into their overall marketing strategies. The partnership of Jive and Actiance is definitely a step in the right direction in terms of facilitating FS into the social media space.

October 31, 2011 / Jessica



After little much deliberation, I have joyfully hopped on the iPhone bandwagon (from Blackberry)! I’ve only just started setting up my mail and all that good stuff. I would love some suggestions for amazing iPhone apps!

October 31, 2011 / Jessica

Google to Marketers: Get Better at Mobile

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“Businesses need to be ready for mobile as soon as they can, particularly this holiday season,” said Surojit Chatterjee, Google’s lead product manager for mobile search ads. “You need to have a mobile site irrespective of whether you think people will actually make purchases from it. How good your site looks on mobile determines how people think about your business.”

October 27, 2011 / Jessica

How Paypal Can Help Save Media—And Itself



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The author’s evaluation of Paypal’s current (and future potential) business model demonstrates the intersection of e-commerce, social media, and customer service. He argues that Paypal already has the trust of online consumers, 219 million registered customers, a recognizable brand name, and is a pioneer in the field of e-commerce. If Paypal can harness this amazing foundation they’ve already created, then surely there is room for Paypal to capture the quickly growing segment of people willing to pay online.

October 26, 2011 / Jessica

Should your Facebook status determine whether or not your bank gives you a loan?

big brother

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This article discusses the potential for financial institutions to link social media profiles to marketing strategies and lending decisions. For example, if I were to update my Facebook status one day to “sooo brokeee!” it could potentially affect whether my bank approves a loan request in the future. Alternatively, if my relationship status changes to “Engaged,” my bank would be able to use that information to start sending me brochures on “How to buy your first home!”

If financial institutions could in fact properly aggregate and organize all the seemingly inane data like status updates and time spent playing FarmVille, it probably could result in greater profits and lowered risk for banks, and maybe even better, tailored service for customers.

However, my biggest issue with this article, and the whole idea in general, is that it doesn’t adequately address the giant question mark of privacy. Should I be penalized for having Facebook friends that aren’t in great financial positions? Should my tweets determine whether I deserve a mortgage loan?

October 26, 2011 / Jessica

Google (Financial) Advisor

I think it’d be easier at this point to find out what Google IS NOT doing than to see what it is doing.

October 26, 2011 / Jessica

15 Retail Banks Branding Clichés

bank branding


Right here for all 15!

A great read for those branding their financial services and great for those exposed to such branding – ie., consumers. There’s nothing in the article we don’t intuitively know but to see it categorized the way it is, it lends some transparency to banks’ marketing campaigns.